"With a chorus of 30, the 21-member Aradia Ensemble directed by Kevin Mallon and, above all, four principals in excellent voice on stage, the Jane Mallett Theatre throbbed with intensity amid remarkable displays of eloquence at yesterday's performance,
the second of two."

Geoff Chapman, TORONTO STAR

2015 - 2016 SEASON

Prince Igor
Sunday, November 22, 2015
2:30 pm

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2:30 pm

Isis and Osiris
Friday, April 1 (8 pm)

& Sunday, April 3 (2:30 pm), 2016




ISIS AND OSIRIS, Gods of Egypt is supported by:


TD Bank

ISIS AND OSIRIS - Gods of Egypt

Friday, April 1, 2016 — 8 pm
Sunday, April 3, 2016 — 2:30 pm

in English

World premiere of a new opera created by Canadian composer and librettist.

An opera on one of the most enigmatic and controversial love affairs in all mythology. Transformation, redemption and the triumph of good over evil are brought forth with melody and words of transcendent beauty.

Robert Cooper, Conductor and Chorus Director

Lucia Cesaroni as Isis
Michael Barrett as Osiris
Julie Nesrallah as Nepthys
Michael Nyby as Seth
Stuart Graham as Grand Vizier Khamet
Leigh-Ann Allen as Sennefer
Christopher Wattam as Imhotep


Time and Place: Ancient Egypt, pre-history, millennia BCE

Isis and Osiris rule Egypt. Seth and Nepthys are their brother and sister. The four siblings were born of Geb and Nut, gods of Egypt.


Seth has ruined the lands under his care and he hungers for power and the throne of Egypt. Together with Grand Vizier Khamet, Seth plots the murder of his brother Osiris. It is the Royal Jubilee and to celebrate the new Palace, seat of government, is inaugurated. Osiris announces a Policy of Peace, a policy Seth chooses to publicly challenge during the ceremony. As Leader of the Royal Army, he prefers war against Egypt's enemies on the southern borders. Isis fears her brother Seth and foresees much suffering ahead. Osiris dismisses her concerns and agrees to his brother's invitation to go hunting. A banquet is offered to Osiris to celebrate his Policy of Peace during which Seth will execute his assassination plot. Drugged by a brew prepared by the Grand Vizier, Osiris collapses into a golden sarcophagus, which is then sealed and plunged into the river Nile.


Empowered by her foresight, Isis finds Osiris but as she prepares for the ritual to awaken him from his comatose state, Seth dismembers his brother's body into 14 pieces which he then scatters throughout Egypt, never to be retrieved. The Grand Vizier is condemned to death while Seth goes into hiding. Isis, with assistance from her sister Nepthys, and Imhotep, the High Priest, is determined to find Osiris and bring him back to life. His return to life, for just a brief moment, will secure an heir for Egypt. The gods assist in her quest. One piece is missing. In order to fulfill their destiny, a phallus is fashioned out of pure gold, known to be the flesh of the gods. Osiris is brought back through a passage of agony; Horus is conceived and Egypt will have an heir to battle the forces of evil generated by Seth. Osiris departs life to rule over the Underworld as Judge of the Dead and Isis will remain as Mother of Life.